I always knew that I loved the artistry of the beauty industry. This started when I was a very small child working in my family’s salon. As I grew older and began working in the business, even though I was earning a good living as a hairstylist, I was certain that being creative would be one of the main items that would help me professionally to move to the next level.

However, I have to admit, I wasn’t always comfortable stepping out of my box and being creative. After all, it was much easier to interpret other peoples work or duplicate looks that I had seen on magazines or in the media.

During the course of my career, I have witnessed many talented beauty professionals who don’t consider themselves creative because they wrongly believe that they don’t have any new ideas to share. However, my view is quite different. Not every thought has be brand new. Creativity comes when you put your personal lens onto a look or an idea. Whether you try to be creative or not, you inherently are — because your personal experience, your personal style choices, and the way you interpret the items that you interact with lend to being creative.

Think of your personal take on any idea as your own collection. Most likely your clients wouldn’t look their best if you gave every single person the exact same service or treatment. But if you assist each client individually with crafting their own look while providing professional input, inevitably they will look their best. And, potentially, that someone’s life will be changed by your recommendations. Now, that, my friends, is creativity.

So, first and foremost, recognize that you are a creative person. Second, embrace your creativity and don’t shy away from it. Next, don’t get stuck in perfection because realistically, there’s no such thing. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself by over judging your work. That will stifle your creativity rather than encourage it.

Right now, we are heading into that time of year that allows for a lot of creativity. I am talking about special events such as proms, weddings, vacations and more. This is your time to shine and to explore recommending and creating looks that you may have never considered before. So, I say “Yes”, do look at other people’s work, but never be afraid to make a look your own through making subtle changes.

I can’t wait to see all those stunning brides and pretty prom goers whose looks you craft!